Zonker Strip Cutters…Try This at Home


This is the fifth installment of  Selecting Natural Materials which can be downloaded from www.saltyflytying.com


Zonker Strip Cutters are pretty rudimentary tools, basically they are a handle embedded with razor blades spaced to the desired thickness of cut. They are difficult to find in fly tying shops, so most avid fly tyers end up fashioning their own. The process of cutting the skin is a little tricky, and should be approached with an abundance of caution. Obviously when ever you are working with a handful of razor blades it can be a little dangerous if you are not paying attentions.




The easiest way I have found to cut the whole pelts is to secure one end by clamping it between two boards fur side down. Stretch tight the other end with your non dominant hand and slowly drag the razorblades across the skin with your dominate hand.





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