By Far THE BEST Fly Tying Light Available!

Best fly tying light
Drew’s Best Fly Tying Light – Photo by Mike Owens

After 30 plus years of tying flies, I find myself getting closer and closer to my work and I don’t mean in the Workaholic way. It could be the layout of the lighting in my fly tying room, or maybe I’m just getting old, and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, so finding the best fly tying lamp around was of the utmost importance.

Whatever the case, adequate illumination is a must when it comes to tying flies. Unless your fly tying space is lit up like the surgery unit of the ER, a good desk lamp or two is an absolute must.

Finding said desk lamps was much harder then I anticipated, so let me save you some time. For years I was dissatisfied with what the fly tying industry or even hobby stores had to offer. Painfully, I poked around all the usual home and decor type stores and even made a few laps around that Ultra Modern Swedish Store IKEA, but no dice. Until I found this little gem, I just couldn’t seem to find a desk lamp that would fit the bill.

Enter: Dual LED Pro Bench Lamp

fly tying light shines bright on flies

After scouring the internet, I stumbled on to the Dual LED Pro Bench Lamp. At first glance, I thought how much light can those two little cans provide, but I was very pleasantly surprised, and down right amazed by the illumination emitted. You can see in the photo to the right how it shines brightly on the fly.

The two heads are easily adjustable so you can position the light from the top and bottom of your fly if need be, which makes a huge difference with shadows. The lamp comes with a really heavy base, as well as a C-Clamp if you want to screw it down in place.

The light given off is also a cool white color not a harsh orange or yellow, so It works great for photography as well. It’s a little on the “cashy” side at around $100 bucks, but like anything else you get what you pay for… Far and away the best desk lamp I have ever used.

I liked mine so much I ended up buying 2. I take a little flack now and again about my tying bench looking like a space ship, but two lamps makes a huge difference if your planning on spending hours in front of your vise, and it’s well worth the haranguing from your buddies.

Click here to pick up one (or two) of these fantastic fly tying lamps at Amazon (currently $140).

Or you can get them from me and help support Salty Fly Tying for only $119.

Either way, act quickly as they go out of stock at Amazon and get back-ordered at Salty Fly Tying very often due to demand. I know you won’t be disappointed with this light!

my favorite fly tying lamp is super bright
Drew’s Favorite Fly Tying Light – Photo by Will Taylor

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