November 2013

Dave Johnson’s Petticoat Snook Fly

“Marabou has the most action in the water than of any other material I know of. When the marabou is placed and spread out in the loop, and twisted, (locked in the thread) then palmered forward, the marabou encompasses the body of the hook. That is the reason I call it the Petticoat streamer,” said Dave.
When pulled through still water or in moving water, the marabou tips move all around the hook and the profile of the fly looks like a bait fish. When the fly is stopped, the hook sinks down and the wing flares up. Because of the marabou is twisted in the loop, the fly is imparted with a lifelike action, yet the marabou does not foul. That is what makes the Petticoat Streamer so effective.

This is the second installment of  Snook Flies. To read the rest of the interview, and for the complete step-by-step instructions for tying this snook fly and 7 more,  download your copy of Snook Flies at Read More

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