September 2013

Feather Brain: Creating & Tying with Dubbing Brushes

Feather Brain: Dubbing Brushes

A dubbing brush is really just a customized pipe cleaner. Instead of a synthetic core like chenille, the two wires that make up the core sandwich a variety of different materials that can be palmered around the hook shank. By customizing your own brushes, you can match the other materials you are tying with exactly, as well as blend several colors, providing youwith more lifelike patterns Read More

Feather Brain: Dying Materials with Kool-Aid

Dying with Kool-Aid, Feather Brain

Although there are a rainbow of colors available in almost every material, I often find myself searching for a specific shade or a slightly different hue in a certain material that just doesn’t exist on the shelves of my local fly shop or even online.Dying the materials at home is cheap and easy and allows me to continuously modify a material’s color, taking custom creations one step further. Read More

Feather Brain: UV Curing Acrylics & Adhesives


If you have ever used 5 minute epoxy while tying flies, you know that that’s the shortest five minus of your life!   I can’t tell you how many perfectly good flies have ended up in the bottom of trash can thanks to terrible smelling stuff . Thanks to the birth of UV adhesives,  I am glad those days are over. The numerous types of UV-cured acrylics on the market today provide a faster, easier, and cleaner alternative to epoxy. Read More