February 2013

Essential Permit Patterns

If you have ever tried to catch a permit on fly you are acutely aware that the deck is stacked against you. The notorious crustacean crunchers are nefariously critical of any crab-like offering and this is one of the reasons there are thousands of crab fly patterns existing today. In an effort to narrow the search and increase your success rate, here are step-by-step tying instructions for the Kung Fu Crab, Rag Head Crab, Inverted Merkin Crab, Bottle Cap Crab, and the McCrab. Read More

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Selecting Natural Materials



Over the past few months, I’ve  given you snippets  from my latest eBook called Selecting Natural Materials. Simply click the icon above

for the complete Deep Dive in to What To Look For & Avoid When Selecting Hair, Fur & Feathers or click the link,  and download today for $7.99.

Otherwise, read on and I’ll recap all of the material covered.

1.  Cherry-Picking Saltwater Capes

2.  Caveat Emptor

3.  Plucking the Perfect Bucktail

4.  Choose Your Zonkers Wisely

5.  Zonker Strip Cutters…Try This at Home


For more information on how  you can improve your own saltwater fly patterns check out my website www.saltyflytying.com or;

For a deep dive into the world of saltwater pattern development, look for my new book Feather Brain – How to design better saltwater flies coming next August. You can Pre Order a copy by clicking here.

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