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Salty Fly Tying Debuts eBook: “Selecting Natural Materials”

Posted by Drew Chicone On September 24th



Drew Chicone, Fly Designer, and creator of has released his eBook, “Selecting Natural Materials”, providing saltwater fly tyers insights for purchasing natural fly tying materials. 

Drew Chicone

FT. MYERS, FLORIDA (September 24, 2012) “A frustration of mine is trying to learn a new pattern or tying technique without clear illustrations or instructions,” say Drew Chicone.  I subscribe to all kinds of fly tying magazines and have quite a few fly tying books, and I can’t tell you how many times I wish there was one more photo or I could have zoomed in on a picture.  I think that most of us would appreciate more than 5 or 6 1-inch photos to thoroughly explain how to get from point A to point Z.  That is one of the main reasons for the ultra close up shots and hi res photography, and excessive number of photos used to illuminate the ideas and techniques found in my latest ebook “Selecting Natural Materials”.  

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