Choose Your Zonkers Wisely


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Zonker strips are thinly cut strips of fur with the tanned skin still attached. They are very popular for saltwater fly patterns thanks to their remarkably fishy action in the water. Soft and supple, their fur seems to comes alive when submersed, and the leather strip magically snakes along as it is drawn through the water. Unlike feathers or bucktails, there are not as many pitfalls or glaring differences between the bags of materials found on the shelfs of your local fly shop. However there are some minor differences that you need to be aware of.



Leather Thickness

As you work with more and more with Zonker style materials, you will start to notice subtle differences in the pliability of the leather. This is due to the slight difference in the leathers thickness. When given the option to compare, I try to choose the Zonker strips with the thinnest leather possible.




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