Tranqu-Hill-izer by Drew Chicone

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This is the fifth installment of  Essential Bonefish Patterns • Andros. The complete step-by-step instructions for tying this pattern can be downloaded from


In your opinion what makes the pattern so effective Drew?

The heavy layer of orange thread underneath the translucent pearl diamond braid seems to radiate through, giving the fly a subtle, yet lifelike color that draws the bonefish’s attention from a great distance.  On closer inspection, the brightly colored legs wiggle profusely even if the fly is stationary.  Read the rest of the interview with Drew Chicone



Hook: Diiachi 2546 or Tiemco 811S sizes #2- #4

Thread: 210 Denier Fl. Orange

Tail: Pearl Mylar Tubing

Wing: Tan Rabbit Zonker

Essential Bonefish Flies - Andros BOXSHOT Image

Eyes: 5/32 Yellow Dumbbell

Body: Pearl Diamond Braid palmered around hook

Veil: Orange or Root-beer Krystal Flash

Legs: Shrimp Pink Loco Legs

Adhesive: Clear Cure Goo Hydro


7 must-have pattens for stalking the giant bonefish that lurk around  the island of  Andros.- 96 page downloadable pdf. of Essential Bonefish Flies – Andros, illustrated with ultra-hi resolution  step-by-step instructions.


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