Gotcha • Jim McVay

Gotcha • Jim McVay2

This is the third  installment of  Essential Bonefish Patterns • Andros. The complete step-by-step instructions for tying this pattern can be downloaded from

With out a doubt the most popular and productive bonefish fly of all time!  It doesn’t mater where on the plant you plan on chasing bonefish, you better have a few of these in in your box tied in a variety of sizes and weights.


Hook: Tiemco 811S (or similar) sizes #2- #8

Thread: 210 Denier (or similar) Pale Pink

Tail: Pearl Mylar Braid

Wing: Tan or Cream Craft Fur

Essential Bonefish Flies - Andros BOXSHOT Image

Eyes: Eyes: Medium bead chain (vary the weight of the eyes based on water depth)

Body: Pearl Diamond Braid palmered around hook

Veil: Pearl or Yellow Krystal Flash

Adhesive: Clear Cure Goo Hydro

7 must have pattens for stalking the giant bonefish that lurk around  the island of  Andros.- 96 page downloadable pdf. of Essential Bonefish Flies – Andros, illustrated with ultra-hi resolution  step-by-step instructions.

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