Salty Fly Tying Debuts New eBook “Essential Bonefish Flies • Andros”

Fly Designer Drew Chicone has released his forth eBook, “Essential Bonefish Flies -Andros”, providing saltwater fly tyers with step-by-step tying instructions for the 7 must have pattens for stalking the giant bonefish around the island of Andros.


Mar. 28, 2013 – MEDIA CONTACT:
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FT. MYERS, FLORIDA (March 28, 2013) “A frustration of mine is trying to learn a new pattern or tying technique without clear illustrations or instructions,” say Drew Chicone.  I subscribe to all kinds of fly tying magazines and have quite a few fly tying books, and I can’t tell you how many times I wish there was one more photo or I could have zoomed in on a picture.  I think that most of us would appreciate more than 5 or 6 1-inch photos to thoroughly explain how to get from point A to point Z.  That is one of the main reasons for the ultra close up shots and hi res photography, and excessive number of photos used to illuminate the ideas and techniques found in my latest ebook “Essential Bonefish Flies • Andros”

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“Although there are thousands of existing bonefish patterns,  spend any amount of time around dyed-in-the-wool bone fishermen and you will find that that the Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule) definitely holds true.  Only a small assortment of proven patterns earn a spot their fly boxes, no matter where they intend on fishing.  Friends, guides, travel literature and most importantly personal on-the-flats experience have narrowed my list of must-have bonefish flies down to 7 essential patterns… in no particular order.  Ververka’s Mantis Shrimp, Cownes Bonefish Scampi, McVay’s Gotcha, Owen’s 90 Percenter, Chicone’s Tranqu-Hill-izer and Bone Appetit and Ginevri’s Avalon have all proven to be highly productive for Andros Island in the Bahamas.   These flies do a great job of mimicking a prey item and its specific movement. Understanding where the fly was intended to be fished, what factors led the designer to choose the materials he did, and why the pattern has evolved helps to give you the whole picture. Interviews with the fly’s designer will give you a peek into the heads of some of these innovative tiers and should help you to understand how they think and create new patterns as well as gives you a insider’s perspective, valuable insight, and hopefully encouragement to create your own unique patterns.”   

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About Drew Chicone

Drew Chicone is a Fly Designer, Photographer, Author, Instructor and Materials Expert whose passion for the sport has led him to the salty waters of Southwest Florida.   He has lived and breathed the sport since he was tall enough to sit at the vise and his fly creations are both well known and in high demand among Florida guides.  Drew’s has been a FFF Certified Casting Instructor, and commercial fly tier for many years.  His patterns are sold in numerous fly shops and have appeared in several publications and online articles including Fly fishing in Saltwater Magazine, This is Fly Magazine, and Angelo Peluso’s newest book Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast. Recently Drew has partnered with Stackpole Books to publish his latest work Feather Brain – How to design better saltwater flies.   He is a member of the Dyna-King Pro Tyer TeamClear Cure Goo Pro Tyer Team, as well as a Royalty Tyer for the Orvis Company.  

Drew is the Vice President of the Sanibel Fly Fishers, as well as a member of the Tarpon and Bonefish Trust, and plays an active role in the preservation of local fisheries by donating his time to Mote Marine’s Snook and Tarpon research programs.  He enjoys instructing in person and on camera and has made several instructional videos.  He is known for his willingness to help fly tiers young and old improve their skills at the vise. Drew is an entertaining and knowledgeable presenter, with an animated sense of humor and a high-energy personality that draws in the audience.

His goal for the site is to create a vehicle for sharing ideas on saltwater pattern development as well as a clear, easy to follow educational resource for tyers of all skill levels. Drew’s focus is directed toward developing new saltwater fly patterns, and learning how to correct or improve the flies that just don’t seem to act right in the water.  

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