The Rump Shaker – Redfish Flies

Pattern by Chris Kincaid


Why did you choose the materials you did and the techniques to apply them?
I really wanted this fly to give the impression of a shrimp scooting backwards out of the grass, as if it was fleeing from an approaching predator. The weight of the medium bead chain eyes on the front of the fly and the upraised angle of the craft fur in the tail make this fly move in small bounces when retrieved, just like a shrimp.  The craft fur, Arctic fox body hair, and grizzly flutter legs mimic the appearance of the larger legs towards the front of a shrimp’s body and the EP wooly critter brush tapers down to mimic the appearance of the smaller legs towards the tail.

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Red Close up

How do you recommend fishing the fly?

Most of the time I am sight fishing so I try and get the fly directly in front of the fish, or cast and retrieve it where it would intercept the fish about 1’ in front of its face. Don’t be bashful; this fly makes a fairly stealthy water entry. Watch the redfish’s body language and you will be able to tell when the redfish first spots fly. He will usually do one of two things; charge forward and inhale the fly, or he will begin to follow with curiosity. If you get a fish that is following, try speeding up your retrieve to invoke him to charge and eat.

Redfish Flies - Drew ChiconeRedfish Flies - Drew Chicone

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