The Grass Monkey – Redfish Flies

Pattern by Capt. Joe Costadura


What factors led you to design the pattern?

I’ve always been a spontaneous kind of fly tyer.  Sometimes I’ll set out to tie a particular pattern and then come up with an improvised version or one that turns into something completely all it’s own. This particular pattern actually started out as a bend back without the bend or a reverse tie as they’re sometimes called.  Because it had bead chain it would sink slightly faster.  By adding the deer hair head it actually helps keep the fly exactly in the column of water I want and also adds bulk and body to the fly, which makes it push more water. I believe this draws more strikes especially in a shallow water situation. In the end it became more of a Slider pattern like the Tim Borski Redfish Slider, which has always been one of my favorite Redfish bugs.

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What conditions/environment/situation was the fly designed to be fished in?

Olive craft fur really is just one of those versatile materials which is synonymous with back country fly tying and I’m really no exception when it comes to using it. The deer hair gives the fly a little buoyancy which keeps it just above the grass and in the fish’s line of sight. The Estaz chenille gives the fly body as well as flash, which will also make it stand out if you find yourself in a little dirtier water. And the gold Flashabou is just a little added flavor since its no secret that Redfish like gold (gold spoons, hint hint!).


Redfish Flies - Drew ChiconeRedfish Flies - Drew Chicone

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