Kung Fu Blue Crab – Redfish Flies


Blue Crab - Drew Chicone

Although there are countless species of crabs that exhibit the estuaries of the gulf coast, the one that is most recognizable and the therefore the one I most frequently try to emulate is the blue crab.  It’s vibrant splashes of orange are hard to miss in clear water, and even more difficult for a cruising redfish to pass up.

Kung Fu Blue Crab - Redfish Flies - Drew Chicone

This is the second installment of  Redfish Flies. To read the rest of the interview, and for the complete step-by-step instructions for tying this redfish fly and 7 more,  download your copy of Redfish Flies at www.saltyflytying.com.

When presenting this fly to redfish, you want the fly to get down in front of the fish quickly. Once you have made your cast to the redfish, creep the fly along the bottom with ultra-slow strips. The fly should look like it barely moves. Once the fish becomes aware of the fly, don’t move it!

Redfish Flies - Drew Chicone
Photo by David McCleaf

My Blue Crab variation of Eddie Wyatt’s Kung Fu Crab, is simply a larger and more colorful version of the classic permit pattern. This vibrant version is also tied much bulkier than the original and the legs are left longer for more movement when the fly is not being stripped.



  Redfish Flies - Drew ChiconeRedfish Flies - Drew Chicone

This 175 page downloadable pdf. is illustrated with ultra-hi resolution  step-by-step instructions, click the link, or icon to download your copy today.  $14.99  Paperback version also available at saltyflytying.com.  Detailed instructions for tying Drew Chicone’s Kung Fu Blue Crab, Capt. Ron Ratliff’s Fiddle Sticks Crab, Capt. Daniel Andrews’s Pine Island Ice Tea, Drei Stroman’s Budagrassy Shrimp, Chris Kincaid’s Rump Shaker, Capt. Joe Costadura’s Grass Monkey, Bill Laminack’s Gulf Shrimp, and Don Reed’s Batman pattern.


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