Fly Tying Tips – Matching Feathers

Fly Tying Tips for Feathers

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Match Width and Tapper

When choosing feathers from the cape, try and choose like sizes.  Feather from the same general vicinity on the cape will typically be the same size.  You do not want one wide webby feather and one thin skinny feather paired together.  Mismatching the  width or tapper of paired feathers may not effect the action of the fly in the water, but it makes your flies look awful.

Correctly Matched Size, Width and Tapper

Try and keep all of the feathers as uniform as possible.  Length is less important since you will be lining up the feathers at the tips, but they should be nearly identical in width and taper.  It is also important to choose feathers that have similar shapes at their points.  (Rooster Feathers tend to be narrower and come to an thin point at the tips, while Hen Feathers are typically more fat and rounded)


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Keep Your Wraps Tight & Feathers Straight






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