Fly Tying Tips – Feathers

 Fly Tying Tips for Feathers

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Mismatched Tips

A dead giveaway to a poorly tied fly or an inexperienced tier is mismatched hackles. Lining up the tips of the feathers is essential not only for esthetic reasons, but also for the fly to track correctly in the water.

Mismatched Pairs

Most flies utilize two pairs of matched feathers, one on either side of the fly. If one pair of feathers is longer, the fly will have more water resistance on that side and most likely cause the fly to track on it’s side or spin.   I find it is easiest to do by laying the feather out in 2 piles, and then matching the piles up.  Once you are close, pinch just below the tips of the feathers and pull the butts of the feathers with your opposite hand to get the tips in line.



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