The Batman – Redfish Flies

Pattern by Don Reed

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Has the pattern evolved or changed any over time (Materials, Tying Techniques etc.)?

The fly has remained basically the same over the years as I tie the fly. But like any good pattern, different variations have come along from other tiers. I have seen monofilament threaded through the claws to stiffen them, tailing added making it more of a slider, and many other improvements or changes for specific applications. My only change has been the addition of an orange “egg sac” of Finnish Raccoon around the tailing flash.

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In your opinion what makes the pattern so effective?

In my opinion the fly has remained so effective over the years is that it mimics many different crabs and other crustaceans, is easy to tie, easy to cast and fish, and it produces.


Redfish Flies - Drew ChiconeRedfish Flies - Drew Chicone

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