90 Percenter • Oliver Owens


This is the fourth installment of  Essential Bonefish Patterns • Andros. The complete step-by-step instructions for tying this pattern can be downloaded from www.saltyflytying.com

Why did you choose the materials you did and the techniques to apply them Oliver?

I choose the Arctic Fox because I wanted a material that was a little more durable than marabou.  I also liked the softer more  natural looking tones that were produced by using the combination of the Arctic Fox with the Fish Hair topping.   The technique of fanning the Arctic Fox is very important, because that is what give the pattern its crabby profile. Also reverse tying the Fish Hair will give you a more intense color near the head of the fly.  To Read the rest of the interview with Oliver Owens purchase my ebook Essential Bonefish Patterns • Andros.


Hook: Tiemco 811S (or similar) sizes #2- #8

Thread: 4 lb Monofilament

Tail: Root-beer Krystal Flash

Wing: Tan Arctic Fox

UV pearl Angel Hair

Essential Bonefish Flies - Andros BOXSHOT Image

Eyes: Black dumbbell eyes (vary the weight of the eyes based on water depth)

Body: Root-beer Krystal Flash palmered around hook

Veil: Tan Craft fur or Gold Fish Hair

Adhesive: Clear Cure Goo Hydro

7 must-have pattens for stalking the giant bonefish that lurk around  the island of  Andros.- 96 page downloadable pdf. of Essential Bonefish Flies – Andros, illustrated with ultra-hi resolution  step-by-step instructions.

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