Saltwater Fly Designer Drew Chicone Debuts His New Fly Tying Book “Snook Flies”

“Snook Flies” is a detailed guide with step-by-step tying instructions for tying 8 proven patterns for catching snook from the beach.


Oct. 28, 2014 – FORT MYERS, Fla. — “Over the last 10 seasons of chasing snook, I have honed my techniques and refined my selection of flies down to just the key essentials required for hoodwinking this exceedingly erudite fish.  The snook flies presented have been rigorously tested and have a confirmed track-record for persuading copious numbers of scholarly snook.  This selection of flies will ensure you have the entire water column covered and give you the ability to “Match the Minnows” size and location in the water column, no matter where you are fishing”. Chicone Says

Each year is a little different, but typically around late April or early May the snook start their annual migration from the rivers, creeks and backwater estuaries to the gin clear water and sandy beaches to spawns.  The massive funnel of fish disband into small pods or strings of individuals and cruise up and down the shoreline in knee-deep water.   These ghost-like shadows drive anglers crazy by violently busting up rafts glass minnows and white bait with reckless abandonment.

When the water is clear, Seeing 30-40” fish is a frequent occurrence,  and what used to be a private sight fishing oasis for the local has quickly become an addictive  destination location for adventure anglers world wide. May and June are prime fishing beach fishing times in South West Florida, and each year the number of fly-rodders increases exponentially. Some weakened warriors that seem to whip the water to a froth, others brilliantly talented casters and tyers from unknown providence.  Whatever the case,  the once easy to catch and blissfully ignorant submarine sized snook, are now highly educated and extremely scrupulous.

Snook Flies is a detailed guide for outwitting those fish.  It contains detailes step-by-step tying instructions for tying the Captiva Cannibal, Straw Boss, Petite-Coat Streamer, Dirty Squibbster, Chrystal D, Neon Knight, Light Saber and Gibby’s DT Special.   8 proven patterns for catching snook from the beach- 165 page paperback illustrated with ultra-hi resolution images.

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About the Author
Drew Chicone is a Fly Designer, Photographer, Author, Instructor, Lecturer and Materials Expert whose passion for the sport has led him to the salty waters of Southwest Florida.   He has lived and breathed the sport since he was tall enough to sit at the vise and his fly creations are both well known and in high demand among Florida guides.  Drew’s has been a FFF Certified Casting Instructor, and commercial fly tier for many years.  His patterns are sold in numerous fly shops and have appeared in several publications and online articles including:

•    Fly Fishing in Saltwater Magazine
•    Fly Fisherman Magazine
•    This is Fly Magazine
•    Hatches Magazine
•    Midcurrent
•    The Fiberglass Manifesto
•    Fly & Light Tackle Angler Magazine
•    Front Range Angler Magazine
•    Florida Sportsman Magazine
•    Saltwater Flies of the Southeast & Gulf Coast- Angelo Peluso

Drew partnered with Stackpole books to publish his Third book; Feather Brain – Developing, Testing & Improving Saltwater Fly Patterns. His other self published titles include, Snook Flies, Essential Bonefish Flies, Andros & Essential Permit Patterns. He is a member of the Dyna-King Pro Tyer Team (, Clear Cure Goo Pro Tyer Team (, Daiichi Pro Staff Member, an Ambassador for Nucanoe (, as well as a Royalty Tyer for the Orvis Company.

Drew is a member of the Tarpon and Bonefish Trust, and plays an active role in the preservation of local fisheries by donating his time to Mote Marine’s Snook and Tarpon research programs.  He enjoys instructing in person and on camera and has made several instructional videos.  He is known for his willingness to help fly tiers young and old improve their skills at the vise. Drew is an entertaining and knowledgeable presenter, with an animated sense of humor and a high-energy personality that draws in the audience.

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