“Kiss the Water” Movie Review

Kiss the Water

“Kiss the Water” is an enchanting documentary detailing the life of the implausibly talented fly tyer Megan Boyd.  As if by magic this new fly fishing film transports you to an idyllic world trapped in time.

The fairy tail unfolds in the scenic rolling hills of Scotland. Amusing interviews with Megan’s childhood friends help to recount who she was, what it was like growing up in that era, and how her artfully tied flies became coveted by Royalty.  Her stunning patterns are truly something to behold, and the vibrantly colored feathers seem to come alive in high definition.  The delicate interplay between breathtaking streamside vistas and vibrant dreamlike animations are masterfully intertwined throughout, gripping even the non-fisherman and tyers amongst us.

This is an amazing work reaches far beyond documenting the life of a world-renowned fly tyer and transcends your typical fly fishing film…Evoking unanswered questions within all fly fishermen.  I highly recommend you immerse yourself in this astonishing piece of cinematography.

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