Fly Tying Tips – How to Select Feathers for Fly Tying

 Fly Tying Tips for Feathers

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Feathers Will Curve to Follow the Contour of the Bird

 If you hold the cape in your hands skin down, you will notice that the feathers naturally curve to follow the bird’s body. Feathers around the sides of the cape will typically have more curvature than the ones in the middle of the cape and the majority will curve in one of two directions.


Feather Typically Have a Slight Curve In 2 Directions

Feathers from the far left side of the cape will curve or cup down and to the left and the opposite is true for the right side of the cape.  If you are marrying the two pairs of feathers, you want to pick feathers from the left side of the cape that curve to the left for your pair closest to you, and feathers from the right side of the cape that curve right for the far pair.  That way both pairs of feathers will curve slightly downward when married together.



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