Fly Tying Tips – Working with Feathers

Fly Tying Tips

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A Thread Bump Will Help Splay Feathers

If you are tying a fly with splayed hackles (like a Classic Keys Tarpon Pattern), start the thread on the hook and create a small bump of thread.  Flattening the thread and then making several consecutive wraps on top of each other will do this.   The bump will help separate the feathers.

2 Loose Wraps

Match the tips of each pair first, then match up the two pairs to one another and tie in all four at the same time.   To secure the feathers, start with two loose wraps around the feathers and then cinch down the feathers buy pulling your thread UP.  More fly tying tips on working with feathers in future posts…




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Keep Your Wraps Tight & Feathers Straight





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