Feathers- Tip’s, Trick’s, & Common Mistakes

Over the past few months, I’ve  given you Tip’s and Trick’s from my latest eBook called Feathers- Tip’s, Trick’s, & Common Mistakes. Simply click the icon above if you’d like to download your free copy. Otherwise, read on and I’ll recap all of the material covered.

  1. Flatten Your Thread
  2. If You’re Going To Trim…Leave A Little 
  3. Gaps Are No Good
  4. A Little Glue Goes A Long Way
  5. Start With A Bump
  6. Up is Down & Down is UP
  7.  Applying Pressure
  8.  Mismatched Mistakes
  9.  More Mismatched Mistakes 
  10.  Know Your Birds Curves
  11.  Tented, Splayed, & Married


For more information on how  you can improve your own saltwater fly patterns check out my website www.saltyflytying.com or;

For a deep dive into the world of saltwater pattern development, look for my new book Feather Brain – How to design better saltwater flies coming next August. You can Pre Order a copy by clicking here.

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