Feather Brain: Fixing Flies That Foul

Fixing Flies that Foul

There seems to be a direct correlation between materials that really move and look great in the water and the propensity to become fouled. Rabbit strips, fox, Finnish raccoon, or any material that is used in a strip with the hide still attached gets waterlogged and tends to wrap itself around the bend of the hook.

This is the seventh  installment of  Feather Brain by Drew Chicone. To read more about Fixing Flies That Foul, Visit my website Salty Fly Tying to order your signed copy of Feather Brain today!  $24.95 + Shipping

The type of knot you choose to attach your fly can also effect it’s ability to perform correctly.  When using a look knot, I find that smaller loops are far less likely to foul.

Fly Fishing Knot, Feather Brain


Over the next few months I will give you the basics on designing your own patterns, tying with saltwater materials, and fixing typical problems.  I will also discuss  my process for Developing, Testing, and Improving Saltwater Fly Patterns .  As always, you can stay tuned to this blog each week as I share pieces from my book, but for the complete 176 page paperback copy of Feather Brain with step-by-step tying instructions and explanations of how I designed my 14 winning saltwater flies, and insights from nine top saltwater fly tiers, including Bob Clouser, Jonny King,  Bob Popovics, and Chris Helm and many more.

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