Bone Appétit • Drew Chicone


Bone Appitite2

This is the sixth installment of  Essential Bonefish Patterns • Andros. The complete step-by-step instructions for tying this pattern can be downloaded from


Why did you choose the materials you did and the techniques to apply them Drew?

I like the Arctic fox for a wing when I am fishing in shallow water because it does not get saturated and retain water like a rabbit zonker strip does. For smaller flies or when Arctic Fox is not available, I trim rabbit hair from the zonker strip. Both materials move very well in the water with the slightest currents, even if the fly is sitting stationary. The clear legs with silver metal flake kill two birds with one stone. They add movement and flash to the fly without adding another color. The translucency of the clear legs only gives a glint of silver every once in a while unlike flashier materials.



Hook: Diiachi 2546 or Tiemco 811S sizes #2- #4

Thread: 210 Denier Pale Pink

Tail: Shrimp Pink Krystal Flash

Wing: Tan Arctic Fox or Rabbit Hair Trimmed from the hide.   Essential Bonefish Flies - Andros BOXSHOT Image

Eyes: Medium bead chain (vary the weight of the eyes based on water depth)

Body: Shrimp Pink Diamond Braid palmered around hook

Veil: Shrimp Pink Krystal Flash

Legs: Clear with Silver Metal Flake Sili Legs

Adhesive: Clear Cure Goo Hydro


7 must-have pattens for stalking the giant bonefish that lurk around  the island of  Andros.- 96 page downloadable pdf. of Essential Bonefish Flies – Andros, illustrated with ultra-hi resolution  step-by-step instructions.


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