5-Minute Finger Mullet

Feather Brain: Overlooked Aspects of Fly Design

Drew Chicone, Sanibel Island Snook

The most fundamental components of a fly, like the hook or the thread, often play the most significant role in determining its ability to catch fish. Overlooking or underestimating the importance of selecting these basic items may not be aesthetically critical, but all it takes is one missed opportunity or losing the fish of a lifetime and you may change your mind. Read More

Feather Brain: Durability, Castability, and Fishability

Yak Hair Sailfish Tube Flies

I admit over the last 20+ years, I have created some really scary  flies that cast like trash can lids or disintegrate with the first round of false casts, but that’s how you learn. Spot-on realistic flies and extremely delicate shadow-box flies that will never touch the water have their place, but if your aim is to wrestle fish, then you need to take a few more things into consideration.  I like to start with ” The 3 Abilities  I thing all flies should have; Durability, Castability and Fishabiility” Read More

Feather Brain: Designing A New Pattern


Although there are how-to’s for my favorite patterns, my goal is not only to teach you how to tie a particular fly, but rather to explain how to create new productive flies and the reasons why one material may work better in a given situation than another. If you understand why historically productive patterns work so well, it will help you design flies that look cool and catch fish too. My process starts with the fish! Read More