Dyna-King Professional Vise

Frustrated with loose parts & hook slip? Time to go Pro!


Dyna-King Professional Vise

Dyna King Pro Head

There is nothing that dives me more crazy than a vise that will not hold the hook… and after years of teaching kid and senior citizens I have come to realize just how important my Dyna-King is!  Although Dyna-King makes an array of top notch tools for the job, The Dyna-King Professional in my vise of choice.  From bass to bill fish bugs, this vise shows no weakness. Various sized groves in the jaws allows all Dyna-King vises to clamp down on even the largest saltwater hooks with zero hook slip.  The widest grove at the back of the jaw works best for larger ought size hooks, while the next smaller grove is better suited for securing the lower end of the saltwater hook spectrum.

This vise features four positive locking angle adjustments for stable tying, so if you like to use a ton of thread pressure for lashing down lead eyes, this is as good as it gets!  When tying at home, I prefer to clap the vise to my bench for added stability, however the pedestal base is very convenient for traveling or tying on less ideal situations.  It has 360 degree rotation and is fully machined with the best stainless steel and aluminum available.

The Dyna-King Professional is the vise I tie on, and I can’t recommend it enough! I have tied thousands of saltwater flies on my dy it is a beast! No vise I have ever tied on even comes close.

***All vises are sold WITH BOBBIN HANGERS (typically they are not included from Dyna-King) and your choice of pedestal base or clamp.

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